Meet the Doctor

Dr. Georges El Khawand, founder, owner, and practicing physician of Harmony Dermatology and Aesthetics Clinic in Sin El Fil, Lebanon, is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of Saint Joseph University and Dermatology graduate of Rennes, France.

His quest for perfection has catapulted him to the forefront of the medical world. In 1994, Dr. Khawand was the ONLY physician selected to complete his dermatological residency (Diplome Interuniversitaire de Specialite) in France out of thousands of physicians who applied from Eastern Europe, The Middle East, and Asia.

With over 15 years of expertise in the field, he exudes trust that is so effortlessly given to him by a patient from the first appointment. He is currently a professional consultant at Dental and Beauty Clinic in Beirut, The Levant Hospital in Sin el Fil, and NU YU Medi Spa in Qatar. Previously, he practiced dermatology at Silkor Laser Medical Center in Beirut, Obagi Medical Center in Al-Khubar and Jeddah, and Cosmopo Aesthetic Medical Clinic in Sin El Fil.

Despite his full schedule, he also serves as a member of the Executive Committee of the Lebanese Dermatological Society, as well as, consistently traveling to the USA and Europe for the latest educational trainings and workshops. His expertise extends from cosmetic procedures including Botox, filling, chemical peels, and lasers to the treatment of serious dermatological conditions.

In addition to his extensive knowledge and rich experience, he is very much a people person, always willing to listen, explain, and take his time with each and every patient. Transparency, competence, and professionalism are his three fundamental pillars. His observable calm and meticulous examination of the patient, as well as, his detailed explanation and justification of the condition and subsequent treatment arm that patient with knowledge, confidence, and certainty.